Earlston High the model for new Galashiels school

Galashiels Academy
Galashiels Academy

The councillor responsible for education in the Borders says Galashiels must plan for a new secondary school now, despite finances not being available.

Sandy Aitchison hopes to see a school to match Earlston’s, with the aging Galashiels Academy building currently listed as a high priority for replacing.

And he says townsfolk will get a say in any future development.

Mr Aitchison met with head teachers in the town last month, along with fellow councillors Bill White and John Mitchell.

He told Galashiels Community Council: “I can reassure you we are talking about it (high school) with the heads and management team from Scottish Borders Council.

“There is no immediate prospect in terms of finance but we are laying the ground work.

“We have to come to decisions because there are things to consider such as roads.

“But eventually that conversation will be put into the community.”

Drew Tulley, former SBC convenor, added: “It is ten years since the first attempt for a new school and it is long overdue.

“The public is anxious to know the future of education in this town.”

Mr Aitchison added: “If you look at the new Earlston High, it is a cathedral of education. That is what we want Galashiels Academy to become.”

The current Academy building will celebrate its 50th birthday next year.