Councillor steps into Kingslands pitch battle

Kingsland Primary School
Kingsland Primary School

IT is the Peebles primary school pitch which has never seen a football, rugby or hockey boot sunk into its grass turf since it was created more than two years ago, writes Kenny Paterson.

Now Tweeddale councillor Catriona Bhatia is asking Scottish Borders Council today (Thursday) when the surface at Kingsland Primary will be available to use for pupils.

The pitch has had drainage issues since the new school building was opened back in February 2010. But as yet they have not been resolved, and Councillor Bhatia wants the facility available for the school’s upcoming Olympic celebrations.

Mrs Bhatia said: “The school has never been able to use the pitch. There have been various attempts to rectify the drainage issues, but they have proved unsuccessful.

“It is inhibiting on the school’s curriculum and sporting activities. They wanted to hold Olympic-themed activities and it would be great if the children came back from their Easter holidays to find the pitch was ready for use.

“I understand in the first year there could have been some problems associated with seeding, but for the pitch not to be ready to use more than two years after being put in is ridiculous.”

Mrs Bhatia added: “I think area committees were very good for hearing issues such as this, but without them they are not brought up with the council.”

The new Kingsland Primary building was constructed at a cost of £8.5million and opened its doors on February 22, 2010, accommodating around 400 pupils and staff.

A total of 11 of its 15 classrooms have doors opening directly to the outside, which contractors Graham said emphasised the connection of the school to its semi-rural setting. There is also a two-storey games hall cut into the hill which runs along the property.