Blazing a trail

Earlston pupils celebrate the torch coming through the town
Earlston pupils celebrate the torch coming through the town

As part of a writing topic about newspapers Lauder teacher Colin Green asked his P5 class to write about their experience of seeing the Olympic torch coming through Earlston. Here’s what three of them wrote.

Flame excitement

Last Thursday the Olympic flame came to Earlston.

There was great exitement all over, with all the police driving at the side of the roads.There were also escorting the torch bearers.

Some of the not so lucky pupils at Lauder primary school were allowed to watch the torch on the smart board.

Earlston high school made the olympic rings for the torch passing by.

After it went to Earlston it went to another lucky place, Gordon.

By Niamh Stenhouse

Excitement as torch strikes Earlston

There was excitment in Earlston on June 14 as the torch strikes. Hunreds of people turned up to see the flame come to Earlston. School pupils around the Borders have been leaving school to see the torch. Some pupils who didn’t go got to watch it at school.

The runner was extremley lucky to run with the torch. People in Earlston were lucky to get it to go through their home town.

Hopefully nice weather will come for the Olympics.

By Ethan Morgan

Olympic torch arrives

The Olympic torch caused massive celebration and exitement when it came through Earlston.

The Earlston high school got dressed up in blue, black, red, yellow and green, and made the shape of the Olympic rings, so from above they formed a replica of the Olympic rings.

There were lots of policemen and policewoman and security guards just incase the runner carrying the torch tripped and set someone or something on fire.

They were giving away freebies to the kids while they were waiting for the Olympic torch.

By Zac Scaife