A new (one) direction for Nativity tale

Nativity scene
Nativity scene

Burgh Primary School in Galashiels have pieced together a wonderful way of retelling the Christmas story.

Taking biblical events and giving them a somewhat modern, popular slant, The Christmas Jigsaw is a great tale with surprising characters and fantastic songs.

It is based around five children, who are given a very special Christmas jigsaw by a toyseller who turns out to be a heavenly angel.

As the children piece together the jigsaw they see the origins of the Nativity story.

They witness the Roman proclamation of the census that starts the story off and this is followed by the shepherds being visited by celestial forces. Expect some famous faces here.

They are also ringside when the Kings visit the ferocious King Herod (who bears a resemblance to a certain Simon Cowell). As per tradition, the whole story finishes with the Nativity scene, followed by more than 200 children on the stage singing their hearts out for the two finale songs.

All the children, from Nursery to P7, have been involved in putting this production together. The staff, as usual, have rallied round and been involved with costume design, painting backdrops, co-writing the script with depute head teacher Martin Wilson, making props and ensuring that all the children have practised their songs to produce yet another four-performance sell-out for the school.