Economic challenges

Our newly-elected and re-elected councillors on Scottish Borders Council should be applauded not only for their success at the polls, but also for their stated resolve to face up to the challenges in the tough years ahead.

Like small businesses, the local authority may not have caused the economic crisis, but will have to adapt to the new realities it left behind.

However, the administration can only improve local service delivery and get a fair deal for our communities if we have a strong, growing Borders economy – the bedrock of which are our local small businesses.

Quick-fix measures which might look to solve a short-term problem, but hurt the Borders’ long-term economic interests, must be avoided. Instead, if the small business community is going to create the jobs and growth the region needs, all council departments need to work together to develop and support the local economy.

Graham Bell

(Borders branch chair, Federation of Small Businesses)