Eco driving challenge to Peebles motorists

A PEEBLESSHIRE eco-group is challenging drivers to be as fuel efficient as possible.

Sustainability group Tweedgreen has linked with local garages to encourage Tweeddale residents to see how much fuel, money and carbon emissions they can save by adopting fuel efficient driving practices.

Campaign banners, posters and leaflets on what to do are available and part of the campaign is to boost numbers taking part in Tweedgreen’s Liftshare when people share lifts on their daily commute.

Tweedgreen project co-ordinator, Isabelle Clements, said: “This is a very exciting and really important campaign.

“We are extremely pleased that the garages are willing to work with us to promote this challenge and highlight the benefits of fuel efficient driving.

“Initiatives that help people make their fuel go further make absolute sense in the context of increasing oil prices and the harsh economic climate.”

The AA carried out a similar experiment in 2008 when a group of 50 AA employees saved an average of 10 per cent on their weekly fuel bill, with the best achieving a 33 per cent saving.

Robert Harrison of garage David Harrison said “The reduced C02 levels produced by our modern cars can only do part of the job and this project is designed to raise awareness of our driving techniques.”