Easy way out not most beneficial

I found it really sad to note that Scottish Borders Council has had to reduce the staffing levels in the social work department by 12, and a further 11 in the education department, to meet budget savings at a time when both of these departments are undoubtedly under severe pressure.

Lack of employment is clearly putting extreme pressures on these departments and I believe it is not the time to see them being cut. In a more caring society I am sure other avenues would have been pursued.

Cutting staff is the easy way out, but not necessarily most beneficial way to meet budgets. Efficiencies in other ways are probably more cost-effective and are certainly achievable.

 In the same article in TheSouthern’s March 29 issue, I was further saddened by the fact that council leader David Parker has had to intervene in what appears to be a childish party-political battle over a recommendation from the scrutiny panel, which is basically a policing committee.

This intervention by our Independent council leader is surely sending out a message to the voters to reject party-political candidates in the May 3 election, as this interferes with the effective management of Scottish Borders Council.

Gordon Harrison

(Independent candidate for Selkirkshire)

Syke End

Ettrick Valley