Easy accounting for small businesses

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FOR a small business, keeping accurate accounting records is clearly essential. But practically, this may not be top of your list when you are trying to start or grow a business, however without them how do you know how your business is doing?

Sage offer an online accounts program, Sageone, which may be the answer to this problem. It allows you to access your accounts anywhere and at any time from an internet enabled device.

Your data is secure and backed up, so there is no risk of losing it and there is not a program to download or install. Access is instant following online registration and activation.

Your accountant is also able to join and access your data, so they can review your accounts and gather any information they require as needed.

There are three Sageone Accounts versions, all with a monthly costs from £5 to £25, which includes support 24/7. All allow information to be exported to Excel and can be integrated with Sage Pay to accept online credit card payments.

Cashbook, the entry level product, allows you to record money going in and out of the business and view profit and loss reports. Regular payments can be set as recurring entries and a summary gives you an overview of performance.

Sageone Accounts enables customer and supplier ledgers to be kept, so you are always aware of who owes you money, giving you simple credit control. You can raise invoices, keep track of payments and access profitability reports. Bank reconciliation and VAT returns are also available with online VAT submission.

The top of the range version is Sageone Accounts Extra, which allows multiple users with varying degrees of access. This product also allows cash flow forecasting and is customisable to suit your business.

Whilst book keeping online will not suit everyone, it is a versatile way of book keeping with easy access.