Earthquake hits the Borders

AN earthquake has been recorded between St Mary’s Loch and Hawick.

The 1.8 magnitude quake took place at 10.10am yesterday morning alongside the Borthwick Water in Craik Forest, the British Geographical Survey reported.

It is not believed any properties were damaged.

A Borders-based seismologist said: “There are lots of small faults across Scotland and this quake will be the result of one of these moving.

“An earthquake of this size would result in a sensation such as the shaking of windows. It is a feeling similar to a large lorry passing passed your house. Often people do not realise there has been an earthquake.”

He added that magnitude two quakes had previously been recorded in Galashiels in the last 20 years.

A quake of 2.4 was measured in the Highlands in January but that is still well short of the largest for the UK of 6.1 off the east coast of England in 1931.

It is estimated that there are over 200 tremors which hit the UK every year.