Earlston woman targeted by scam

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AN Earlston woman has warned Borderers not to fall for a pension scam.

Lynn Austin says she was almost taken in by an automatic message claiming to come from the Co-operative Group offering her £1,000 bonus on her scheme.

She contacted the company’s fraud department who confirmed it was not the Co-op who contacted her.

Ms Austin told TheSouthern: “I was nearly taken in by it. It was from a 0161 number, which is Manchester and that is where the Co-op are based.

“It seemed very plausible. You were asked to press five at the end of the message, but I thankfully decided not to.

“I just hope no-one is caught out by this scam.”

The incident is the latest in a growing number of frauds by phone and email which appear to be targeting households in the Borders.

Among them was a payment protection insurance scam in November which attempted to con Borderers out of money by cold-calling homes pretending to be from a legitimate company.

Conmen have also pretended to be from Sky TV and even the police in an attempt to steal cash.