Dual nationality

Eric Falconer (letters, October 31) acknowledges there are uncertainties on key issues in the independence debate.

He then rather spoils the effect of this by writing: “Will there be dual nationality after independence? The simple answer is yes. Anyone who wishes to maintain their UK passport will be welcome to do so”.

How on earth can he know this?

That there would have to be a Scottish Nationality Act to determine who is a Scottish national after independence is incontrovertible. However, what the Act would have to say on dual nationality is anybody’s guess.

I suspect that if a draft Act is being worked on at all by the Scottish Government, it is probably lying in some civil servant’s “too difficult” tray.

Eric makes some good points about the natural affinity the British people have for each other. My fear is that, as the referendum draws ever closer, things will be said and done by both sides which will not be easily forgotten or forgiven afterwards, whichever way the vote goes, and that Scotland will emerge a house divided against itself.

I would find that very sad.

Peter Heald