Drugs finds rise as police search more Borderers

Chief Superintendent Jeanette McDiarmid
Chief Superintendent Jeanette McDiarmid

A crackdown on people carrying drugs and those committing driving offences in the Borders has been highlighted in the latest police results.

The statistics are to be revealed to councillors at a meeting of the Police, Fire and Rescue and Safer Communities Board tomorrow (Friday).

Chief Superintendent Jeanette McDiarmid, police commander for the Lothians and Borders, is due to present the report.

Between April and June this year the number of people stopped and searched for drugs in the Borders was more than double that in the same period in 2012.

This has been put down to ‘proactive targeting of individuals’ and resulted in a total of 125 being found with illegal substances, four times that caught the previous year.

The clampdown on drivers using mobile phones while driving and not using a seatbelt has also produced significant results.

The number of seatbelt offences more than doubled, and the number caught on their phones increased by more than 50 per cent compared to the same three months last year.

Chief Supt McDiarmid will also tell councillors that the number of anti-social behaviour incidents fell by almost 13 per cent in the first three months of the current financial year.

The drop has been attributed to early intervention efforts by the police and partners.