Drop-in session for storm-affected valley residents

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While Selkirk itself was saved from the recent storms by the half-completed Flood Protection Scheme, the upper section of the Ettrick Valley was not so lucky.

A large area of peat hillside high above Ettrick church was brought down by the water and this landslide resulted in two houses being very badly damaged, while the volume of water carried trees, dykes, fences and everything in its path, depositing debris all along the valley floor, destroying gardens, fields, water courses and blocking drains.

Several houses, as well as the village hall, are now more at risk of repeat flooding due to the damage to bankings, watercourse changes and blocked drains.

Following on from a recent site meeting by council officers, it has been decided that a drop-in session will be held at Boston Hall, Ettrick, today (Thursday, February 11) from 4-7pm.

In order to provide the local community with additional support and advice, officers and representatives from SEPA will be attending.

Councillor Vicky Davidson said: “The lack of mobile phone coverage, plus the continuing difficulties with the BT landlines has left the community completely cut off at times and all of this has to be addressed from an emergency planning point of view.”