Driving duo advance their cause

During recess, I have the opportunity to meet local organisations – and one of these is Skill for Life.

It is run by an unlikely duo – Brian Jones (copper by day) and John Cleland (car salesman), well, actually, owner etc. of Cleland’s Jaguar in Gala and a tour car racing champ (he has his own bit in Wikipedia).

Anyway, these two likely lads run this course, supported by Scottish Borders Council, which leads to recognition – if deserved – as an advanced driver. This in itself is a good thing, but is thrown into perspective when you learn that there are particularly-high statistics for young people injured, sometimes fatally, on rural roads. Add to that cost of human life the cost to the public purse of a fatality – some £1.24 million – then you begin to see that anything that saves young lives and public money at the same time should be supported.

Energise Galashiels

I had a long and informative chat with Raymond Kerr, of Energise Galashiels, about increasing the attractiveness of the town for businesses against the backcloth of the railway line.

His team is well on the case and I am chipping in my wee bit here and there, together with the council, and I have to say I am impressed by the drive and commitment of all concerned.

I am sure this will bear fruit and the public will see a difference on the streets of Gala sooner rather than later.


I am not a technophobe, but certainly not very skilled in this digital age.

No sooner have I mastered one device than I have to change it for another and start learning all over again. I don’t know how to access incoming calls on my new mobile.

However, I was intrigued the other day to see popping up on the display the words “Well done, Christine, you have exceeded your target”. What target, I wondered? “Today”, it read, “you have walked for 98 minutes and burned 400 calories”.

Well, I thought, that’s news to me, in two ways as I didn’t know I had that “AP”. I must have downloaded it by mistake when trying to answer an incoming call and also that chaperoning my four-year-old granddaughter for a day did have a plus side – 400 calories!

Ah, but that was before I later sank into a chair with a malt and several packets of salty crisps.

And finally

My technological expertise will be on display on my Facebook shortly where there will be a video recording of my recent summer surgery tour.

Look out for your patch. But if it hadn’t been for Dillon (volunteer great nephew) I can assure you that you would have be trying to watch it from a horizontal position!