Dramatic footage of miracle Easter Sunday escape

Here is dramatic dash cam footage of the moment a Hawick couple realised they had escaped death by seconds.

Monday, 5th April 2021, 3:48 pm

Steven and Sharon Lothian were just about to collect shopping from the boot of their car in Hawick High Street when a chimney fell on it.

At the time Steven was in the driving seat and his wife was in the front passenger seat.

Steven activated a remote to open the boot and was just about to step out when there was an almighty crash.

A few second later and the masonry would have fallen on them.

In the 20-second footage, Sharon understandably utters an expletive in response to what had just happened.

The incident took place at 4pm on Easter Sunday, April 4.

Scottish Borders Council said checks had been carried out of the Burton’s building at 63/74 High Street and there was no indication of any more loose masonry, but the area below remains cordoned off.