Don’t blame the petrol station staff

Your article last week is correct. Drivers are getting more and more upset at the ever increasing prices charged at the pump.

I find most upset drivers take the easy option and blame the poor sales assistants in the petrol stations. How do I know this? I work in one. And let me tell you, petrol station staff are paid the minimum wage, and many have had hours cut and holidays reduced by the retailers who maintain that petrol stations do not make money!

Many drivers waltz in and immediately start the verbal attack on the sales assistants yet it is not their fault. We pay the same as you, and fuel prices are not set by us, we just work there!

So please drivers, before you start your rant the next time you fill up, take a step back and think: “Hang on, this is a fellow Borderer I am about to attack.”

From our point of view, it gets a bit wearing after the first couple of attacks, then it becomes very depressing, and then I have to remember that through it all I have to be polite to you!

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