Dog mess message from pupils

THE vexing issue of dog fouling has seen Galashiels school pupils getting their colouring pens out to drive the message home that it is a serious problem for youngsters.

Pupils from St Peter’s Primary School have made colourful posters to highlight the issue to dog walkers that fouling is simply unacceptable.

Scottish Borders Council wardens Keith Johnson and Phil Aitken visited the school recently to highlight why dog fouling is not only messy, but dangerous too.

The children engaged enthusiastically in a short, interactive presentation and were keen to have a small supply of dog waste bags to hand out to any dog walkers they know.

Mr Johnson explained: “The children were remarkably knowledgeable about the dangers posed by dog’s mess and why they didn’t want it on their streets and play areas.

“They’ve worked really hard and produced some fantastic, colourful posters with really clear messages for dog walkers.”

One poster’s clear message to dog walkers was: “We love dogs but not their mess – kids could get diseases” and was aimed at those using the park area near St Peter’s School.

Councillor Len Wyse, SBC executive member for environmental services, said: “Our schoolchildren seem to be leading the case against dog fouling at the moment and I applaud their efforts.

“I hope that dog walkers hear their clear messages and keep the Borders’ public areas free of dog waste and safe for children to play in.”