Dog law won’t tackle fouling say councillors

Councillors have generally welcomed proposed measures to promote responsible dog ownership, with the exception of muzzling dogs in public.

However, many questioned what difference the proposed legislation will make in terms of dog fouling.

The Scottish Government paper and a council response drafted by officers were discussed at the environment and infrastructure committee meeting last Thursday.

Members of the committee agreed on the whole with the compulsory microchipping and licensing of dogs, although Councillor Jim Fullarton questioned the cost to dog owners and others raised concerns about how it would be policed.

Councillor Gavin Logan said: “I can remember when dogs had to be licensed and people didn’t pay attention to it.”

Other members called for greater fines to tackle dog fouling.

Councillor Stuart Marshall said: “I don’t think this paper goes far enough in putting pressure on the Scottish Government for more legislation on the war on dog fouling.”

Fellow Hawick councillor Davie Paterson added: “It is absolutely ignorant and dirty not to clean up after your dog.”

The Scottish Government proposals are currently out for consultation with stakeholders and the wider public.