Do the Scots want a referendum?

I must admit that I have never voted SNP, but if ever I was tempted, it would be because of the present Scottish Government.

Weighing up politicians in general, First Minister Alex Salmond (as annoying as he is) has delivered what he said he would. More importantly, he has accomplished a measure of self-rule for Scotland to be proud of, with pledges of additional concessions from the UK Government, giving us a degree of independence to be more than satisfied with.

Why then step into the abyss of separatism – to tear the Union apart for nothing short of power and greed?

The image of murder in the heather romanticised by Mel Gibson must be referred to the mists of Brigadoon, along with the cries of the Auld Enemy. The pipes stir my blood like any other Scotsman, but our children find it a droning racket.

Alex Salmond has become a modern-day Margaret Thatcher.

There are no cries among the Scottish people to alienate themselves from our English brothers. The bawling is about Edinburgh and London or, more exactly, Alex Salmond and David Cameron. It is politicians that cause unrest, conflicts and wars, not people, and I fear Alex Salmond is being seduced by the lure of power. His policies spell disaster for our children and grandchildren.

This United Kingdom we live in is the envy of the world. Men and boys – Scots, English, Irish and Welsh – for hundreds of years have shed their blood side by side in the fields and on the sands of other countries throughout the world and still today in places such as Afghanistan. This is the real history that unites us and keeps us strong in the world.

There are as many Scots in England as there are English in Scotland. The saying “united we stand, divided we fall” was never truer than it is today. We need each other to survive not only in Europe but in the world.

To split the Union is fundamentally illogical, but the reasons for it are morally reprehensible and shameful.

Alex Salmond’s attitude of “we’re all right Jack” is nothing short of repellent disgust.

Scotland’s supposed ability to fund itself and be self-sufficient, leaving the UK behind, is an illusion. Half the country is owned by foreign investment, the wind farms that will provide us with our energy are owned by foreign speculators who can sell their energy to the highest bidder.

Alex Salmond has called for a referendum, but his over-confident audacity has never considered the question: “Do the people of Scotland want a referendum?” It is his personal conviction, not that of the Scottish people, that drives the call for a referendum and one which I believe will be his undoing. We are better than this and I hope the May elections will express a revolt he is not expecting.

z I would like to apologise for my remarks aimed at Richard West last week regarding the X95. They were said tongue-in-cheek, but were pointless, rude and regrettable.

Hugh Lovatt