DJ collective make sure they’re heard

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Lauren Batey, Joe Bispham, Aron Lee and Cameron Rendall Reid are all members of the DJ/Rap Collective known as Unheard Voices. They have recently finished working on their first release, a single called Outspoken.

With help and support from the Edinburgh crew of MC One Oz, DJ Beef, Soundman Jacob and DJ Fusion, they have written, recorded and performed their first song.

Drawing on inspirational stories from the work of Amnesty International, they have put together an angry cry for equality, peace and justice that is not only directed at world leaders, but to each and every individual human being. They then entered it in the Amnesty Protest Song Competition.

Speaking after one of the recording sessions, Cameron said: “Finding out about the work of Amnesty helped us to write the lyrics and gave our group good focus.”

Lauren, the only female member of the group, often compared in her delivery of lyrics to singer Lily Allen, said: “This was a real true group performance. We all helped each other and I am very proud of our first single.”

The group hope to reach the final of the competition being held in June at the String Jam Club in Selkirk, and they will not have long to wait as the judge’s decision will be announced on Friday, may 2.

If you want to hear the single Outspoken, follow this link where you will also hear many other talented young musicians and singers from the Borders.

If you would like more information about Amnesty International in the Borders, contact