LINDEAN WRI: The October meeting featured an insight into starting a new business by Mags Fenner, of Smithy Cottage Cakes. Competitions – treacle scones: 1, Margaret Ingles; 2, Valerie Mayo; 3, Margaret Milne; hand-made paper doily: 1, Ann Thomson; 2, Valerie Mayo; 3, Marjorie Mabon. The next meeting is on November 7.

CAMERA CLUB: Members hosted a three-way club battle against Earlston and Duns last week. At the end of the night just 20 points separated the three, with Duns victorious, Earlston second and the hosts third.

MONDAY CLUB: At 2pm on October 14 at St Joseph’s Church hall, the Reverend Margaret Steel will give a talk on “Midwifery to Ministry”.