Disputed speed limit doing its job, forum meeting told

A 40mph speed limit through Yarrow Feus has reduced the speed of traffic
A 40mph speed limit through Yarrow Feus has reduced the speed of traffic

Members of Eildon Area Forum have been told a 40mph limit through Yarrow Feus has been successful and should be retained.

The speed limit was introduced in October last year, despite the objection of Ettrick and Yarrow Community Council.

Scottish Borders Council and the police proposed the speed limit, which received the backing of several residents, following a review of limits across the region.

It was agreed between the two councils that the effectiveness of the speed limit be reviewed, and as a result speed measurements were taken between May and July this year.

These have been compared to readings taken between May and June 2013 and show that most drivers are taking heed of the 40mph signs.

At a spot just beyond the school, close to the start of the zone, 85 per cent of vehicles travelled through at 44mph or below, down from 50mph.

In the centre of the speed limit area the ‘85th percentile’ speed after the introduction of the limit was 17mph less.

Robbie Yates, SBC assistant network engineer, stated in his report: “An approximate reduction of around 10 mph was demonstrated in terms of average and 85th percentile speeds at monitoring sites two and three.

“It is noteworthy that 85th percentile speeds are still marginally over that of the marked speed limit.

“However, the extent to which the limit is exceeded, although undesirable, is not uncommon in similar villages within the Scottish Borders and beyond.”

Mr Yates added: “Given the reduction in speeds as demonstrated in the results...it would be advisable to retain the 40mph speed limit through Yarrow Feus.”