Disgruntled customer threatened to shoot Kelso bank staff

Kelso's Royal Bank of Scotland branch.
Kelso's Royal Bank of Scotland branch.

A disgruntled Royal Bank of Scotland customer threatened to shoot members of staff at its Kelso branch after claiming money had been taken out of his account in error.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court heard how the 56-year-old told a worker there: “If you touch a penny tomorrow when it goes into the bank, I will go down to the Kelso bank and I will shoot the lot of you.”

The startled employee alerted staff at the branch in Kelso’s square and also the police.

Borthwick pleaded guilty to making that threatening call from his home in Croft Road in Kelso on January 16.

He told police he was on medication for depression at the time of the offence.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client noticed £131 had been taken out of his account by a direct debit he had no knowledge of.

He added that Borthwick felt he was being fobbed off and made the threat in frustration.

Mr Hulme said that his client claimed he telephoned the bank afterwards to apologise but spoke to someone else and also contacted his doctor to change his medication.

Borthwick was fined £200.