Disgraceful scene faced by strangers

I returned from work on a Monday evening recently to discover two recycling bins sitting on the pavement.

Fearing the worst I walked down the steps. Phew! – no bin was sitting at my door, which would have to have been carried up the steps to sit with the vast array of bins already littering Magdala Terrace.

I am not surprised that VisitScotland gives very little coverage to Galashiels or indeed has a tourist information office in the town. Travelling into the town on the A7 from Edinburgh, the scene that greets strangers is an absolute disgrace which will only deteriorate now collections are fortnightly. Dozen and dozens of ugly wheelie bins and recycling bags hanging from railings – some first impression.

Come on Scottish Borders Council, if you can afford to spend millions on preparatory work for the alleged Borders rail link surely you can employ a bright spark that can come up with a solution to remove this eyesore.

Sherry M. Fowler

Magdala Terrace