Difficult time for diabetes sufferers

As preparations for Christmas get under way, some of your readers who have diabetes will realise that the festive period is not as straightforward as they would like it to be.

For most people Christmas is a time for treats and a bit of over-indulgence, and any extra pounds gained can be lost in the New Year. However, for someone with diabetes, Christmas is a time of temptation, unpredictable or delayed meals, extra nibbles, excitement and stress, all of which can lead to varying blood sugars.

We recognise that this time can be a difficult one for people who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, especially the first Christmas with diabetes, so we are happy to supply people with an information pack which contains our Christmas tips. These give various options for dinners and a recipe for home-made lower carbohydrate and calorie Christmas pudding.

We are happy to send out this information pack free of charge to any of your readers. To obtain this information, they can contact the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust on 01604 622837 or email martin@iddtinternational.org.

Martin Hirst

(PR manager)

Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust