Diatribes against aspiration

The Southern’s repeated doses of the oxygen of publicity to Michael Wilson have induced toxic myopia.

His distempered diatribes froth with intolerant abuse of the legitimate, democratic aspiration promoted by the broad-based Yes campaign, which he conveniently over-simplifies as the SNP.

In mistaking assertion for argument, his bombast squats on the moral low ground, shot in both feet by his own scattergun.

With risible hypocrisy, he smears the pursuit of Scotland’s sovereignty as bitter, prejudiced, bigoted etc. – while remaining blind to the Britnat image in his mirror as he parrots “Project Fear” for the British state.

He crassly patronises the electorate by assuming its susceptibility to Scottish rose-tinted nostalgia and nationalistic flag-waving, while himself resorting to abstractions and exhortations of pride, nostalgically and nationalistically saluting his own rose-tinted retrospective on some bogus benchmark Britain. Pot, kettle, black.

His faux polemics are conceptually deficient because his muddy insults cannot be spun onto Scotland’s modern, inclusive nationalism.

Newsflash: It’s not ethnic nationalism; it’s civic nationalism, which arises from a distinct political and social culture that aspires to the dignity, responsibility and normality of self-government.

It is fallacious mischief even to hint that this civic nationalism could be founded on anti-English sentiment. The vast majority of Yes supporters sympathise deeply with the plight of our friends and southern neighbours. Unlike them, we have the chance to do something about it and we owe it to them to reinvigorate democracy in these islands.

Scotland, already a nation, is choosing what type of society it should be. We can escape the black hole of London’s neoliberalism and get the governments we choose.

A No vote guarantees austerity and the massive, planned cuts which have been delayed until after the next election.

Standard and Poors assesses an independent Scotland as a wealthy, investment-grade economy – http://www.businessforscotland.co.uk/independent-scotland-could-be-aaa-rated-standard-poors/

The Financial Times assesses an independent Scotland as better off than the rest of the UK – http://wingsoverscotland.com/unleashing-a-firestorm/#more-49089.

Let’s go. The journey begins with Yes.

Donald Gunn

Whytbank Row