Delights and lessons from Judy Steel book

Last weekend i was given the memoirs of Judy Steel, Tales from the Tap End. I found it to be very uplifting and a very refreshing book there are so many stories in it that will give you a real feel-good factor.

It made me laugh – a real tonic – I have had a terrible year but I never laughed so much, there is so much in each page that maybe you can relate to happier times in your own life.

What I really admired about them is that they have mixed with the great and the good in this country but they have kept their feet firmly on the ground.

I am still reading the book but what comes over is how they have committed themselves to not only the country for years, but also the work they have carried out here in the Scottish Borders.

We should never forget from whence we came, what really makes me mad is that some people go to great lengths to hide the fact they were born in the Borders. Why? Are they ashamed?

They may speak with a posh voice – we can all do that. These people have made their money in Australia or New Zealand or any other country in the Commonwealth, but the fact remains they were born in the Borders.

Why they are ashamed of this lovely part of Scotland I do not know, but when they are ill, what do they do? They come home. Why? Well the treatment is free here in the Borders so it is not a bad place after all, is it?

We all came the same way and, will go the same way. Maybe some folk will have more money but money is not important – it is how you treat your fellow man that is what matters.

Janette Barrand