Deflated by those with of grossly inflated egos

The disgraceful scenes between Celtic and Rangers’ managers and players last week proves once and for all that men never grow up – particularly those who think with their feet.

And all this trouble over a ball!

The grossly inflated egos of the latter, who are grossly overpaid and cosseted, do not deserve other than utter condemnation for their actions. Never in the wrong – always in the right is their thinking.

Such behaviour only carries on to their fans, who go home and take their anger out on their families.

Grow up is my message to them. Behave as Stanley Matthews and Bobby Moore and their ilk did in the past. Gentlemen on and off the field – always respected and loved.

Football is a game which years ago was simply seen as just that. Not as a money-maker as it is today.

The sooner it is put right the better.

Jean Cunningham

Kingston Cottage