Deceitful nationalists

In ongoing negotiations with Westminster, the SNP is planning a breath-taking and staggering deceit of their most loyal supporters.

It would appear that the nationalists are planning to scrap their supporters’ independence dream.

At some time, most likely during the referendum debate, the sheer lunacy of their case was realised. The currency issue and reliance upon faltering income from North Sea oil tax were exposed as nonsense and, with it, their plans for separation.

With a series of cleverly-conceived tactical deceits the SNP has managed to conceal its radical change of plan, since the truth would have lost it massive support.

Alex Salmond, followed rather hastily by Nicola Sturgeon, has announced the new policy (Incidentally, is Mr Salmond still pulling the strings?).

They now propose – wait for it – fiscal autonomy.

That this change in direction takes place just weeks away from the most important election in Scotland’s history is, in itself, staggering. It begs the question as to where all of this now leaves the SNP core voters – those in Glasgow and Dundee. Their holy grail was the breaking up of the UK that only independence could bring them.

Oh, and by the way, the issue of Trident will, it seems, also be dropped. The good old UK will continue to pay for defence, among other things.

Fiscal autonomy gives the SNP total control over Scotland’s economy. This brings with it a serious rebalancing of UK funding to Scotland – something in the order of £1,000 per head of the population. Coupled with the severe loss of income from the North Sea tax, this leaves a £6-8billion black hole.

We will be forced to pay for it through huge public spending cuts and severe tax increases.

The SNP is a vindictive party born out of the bitterness of the past. All will suffer at its hands as the financial fiasco tightens its grip.

Vote SNP in May if you must, but you will see this wonderful country facing a truly desperate future. As a result, you will have cause to regret it for many bitter years to come.

J. Payne