Death of Hawick’s ‘fantastic servant’

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Hawick is mourning the death of former Halberdier Jim ‘Dimmer’ Anderson who died in Borders General Hospital on Wednesday, June 3.

The timing of his death is sadly ironic as Jim was, almost as much as past Cornets, the man several generations of Teries grew to associate with Hawick Common Riding.

A Halberdier for 50 years, he gave unstinting service to the Common Riding and leading the tributes, Honorary Provost Stuart Marshall said: “Dimmer was such a fantastic servant, not only to many Provosts, but also to our Common Riding spanning some five decades, and his death has saddened everyone in the town who had the privilege of knowing him.

“One of the great qualities that he brought to the role was his accurate time-keeping and attention to detail .

“My thoughts go out to his wife and family at this difficult time.”

Also paying tribute was local historian Ian Landles, who added: “I really was sad to hear that Dimmer had died.

“Jim’s contribution to the Common Riding is unrivalled. He was a stickler for punctuality and for getting things right which is vitally important if things are to run smoothly.

“He was also a great commemorator of the young Hawick lads who lost their lives in the First World War and made beautiful wooden crosses which he laid at war graves. He will be missed.”

And one of Hawick’s current Halberdiers, Robert Payne, who has carried out the Common Riding duties since 1997, said the man who served the town for 50 years and 49 Cornets, with only one missing due to the foot-and-mouth year, would be missed and that for many ‘Dimmer’ “was an integral part of the Common Riding”.