Davis Cup legacy reaches Galashiels

Brothers Hamish  and Dougray Seggie play a little hand tennis in front of the cup.
Brothers Hamish and Dougray Seggie play a little hand tennis in front of the cup.

The impressively huge Davis Cup visited the Borders Tennis Centre in Galashiels on Sunday – one of only 50 stops on its tour of Great Britain.

Millions of telly tennis fans watched rapt last year as Andy Murray and the GB team beat Belgium in the final to win the trophy for the first time since 1936.

And on a fairly dreich Sunday, hundreds of Borderers turned up to have their photograph taken with the trophy.

They also took part in many tennis-related activities for all ages, with tennis football and tennis taking place, as well as skill games to aid co-ordination and fitness.

Ally McCulloch, of Earlston Tennis Club and Tennis Scotland, said it was a huge boost for local youngsters who are thinking of taking up the sport.

He said: “We are very fortunate to have captured the visit of the Davis Cup as it is only visiting 50 towns on its tour. It’s a small event, but a good one for the Borders.

“We also have a whole selection of programmes running. We have activities that are featured on Tennis on the Road [which saw Andy Murray’s mum Judy visit the centre last year] and the Davis Cup legacy tour.

“The kids are really enjoying it, and they are really beginning to understand the skills.

“So a lot of it is skill-based stuff, and fun activities, but of course the main event is the Davis Cup, and for people just to be able to walk up and get their photograph taken with a piece of history is just brilliant.

Ally said that he was originally worried about the logistics of transporting the trophy, but his fears were unfounded.

“When I first heard we had captured it, my first thought was ‘My God, it’s the biggest cup in the world, let alone the best cup in the world’, so it’s been a challenge, but with the hard work of the great team from the Lawn Tennis Association and Tennis Scotland, who set it all up, it’s been easy for me.