David takes direct approach with new delivery business

Davis Scullion of Daily Essentials Direct prepares for another home delivery.
Davis Scullion of Daily Essentials Direct prepares for another home delivery.

AS our roads become ever more congested and our supermarkets ever more busy, a new home- delivery business based in Jedburgh is looking to make life a little bit easier for shoppers.

Daily Essentials Direct is the brainchild of David Scullion and Craig Hunter. The business delivers essentials such as groceries, fresh bakery products, newspapers, quality fresh butcher meat, fruit and vegetables to customers’ homes throughout Jedburgh, as well as the surrounding area, including villages such as Ancrum, Nisbet and Crailing.

With just a refrigerated van and no office overheads, the business format means costs can be kept ultra low.

David, 26, runs the operation on a day-to-day basis, with support from Craig and Karen Thomson handling all administrative duties.

The trio have extensive experience in the retail sector, something which is standing them in good stead with the new venture, as David explained.

“My fiancee and I came back after a year in Australia and I was finding it really difficult to find work in my field, which is retail,” said David, who has previously worked as a store manager and with supermarkets.

“That was when Craig, a friend of mine, came up with the idea of a home-deliveries service. He also has a background in the retail sector with some 26 years’ experience and Karen’s background is in retail also.”

The premise for Daily Essentials Direct is pretty simple. All your daily foodstuff requirments, including rolls and bread just hours out of the baker’s oven, plus newspapers, can be delivered early in the morning straight to your door.

Once a week you receive an invoice for the cost of what you have ordered, as well as getting the chance to place your order for the following week.

“As well as around Jedburgh, we have a set route we follow each day and that helps keep costs low. We can source quality produce, fresh from our suppliers, and pass this on to our customers at prices that are lower, or at the least very competitive, with those found in the supermarkets,” added David.

“And don’t forget – having your daily essentials delivered means you are also saving on the cost of fuel as well.”

The fledgling company was started in October and in the first week, a distribution of flyers had resulted in 30 customers signing up. By the end of the second week there was a continuous stream of people contacting David, Craig and Karen, and they now have 120 regular weekly customers on their books.

Local wholesale suppliers used include well known high- quality firms as Orchard Farm Dairy of Hawick, Jedburgh-based fruit and veg dealers Miller’s and St Boswells-based butcher, J C Douglas, and Fife Creamery among others.

David continued: “At first we thought the bulk of our customers might be the more elderly or those who can’t get out of their homes too much. And, yes, we have a proportion of our customer base that is drawn from these sectors, but we have a complete range of people using our services from young couples and families, through to the more elderly and disabled.

“And what could be better than opening your door early in the morning to find the freshest of bread and produce, plus your morning newspaper, all ready and waiting for you with none of the hassle of having to go and get it for yourself?”

Anyone interested in using Daily Essentials Direct should contact the business, and Karen will arrange a visit to establish what the customer’s requirements are in the first instance.

Contact them on 01835 864996/ 0756 3392598, or by emailing them at david@dailyessentialsdirect.co.uk