Danish trainers to give riders ring skills

Falconer Grieve (Selkirk) maker of  lances for 'tilting'.
Falconer Grieve (Selkirk) maker of lances for 'tilting'.

Selkirk is going medieval as the Royal Burgh gets set to witness ‘tilting’ for the first time in hundreds of years at the Haining later this month.

The gallows are prepared and local joiner Falconer Grieve is creating lances for the demonstration of horseriders aiming at the ring on May 24.

Trainers from Denmark will parade on horseback from the town to the Georgian mansion grounds that evening where they will give a demonstration and invite locals on their own horses to have a go.

The sport sees riders canter or gallop towards a ring suspended from a gallows, attempting to catch it with a steel-tipped lance.

Tilting was reintroduced to Scotland for the first time in over four centuries near Jedburgh last year.