Cygnet is saved by Arthurshiel action

May I say a few words about the great work done by Arthurshiel Animal Rehoming Centre, near St Boswells.

Over a recent weekend we had been trying to get help for a little cygnet abandoned by its parents on the lade at Philiphaugh, Selkirk. The swans had left due to lack of food and not returned. Originally there had been six cygnets, but over the weeks they had been predated and then there was one.

The SSPCA had been contacted, but due to being rather thin on the ground and having to come from Edinburgh, they were unable to help

On the Monday morning we contacted Arthurshiel and within half an hour of confirming that the little cygnet was still alive Shona arrived with helper and her trusty net, and rescued little Lucky and took him/her back to Arthurshiel where it will spend a few days with some ducklings prior to being taken to a swan sanctuary in Berwick.

Deirdre Wood