Cyberbullying – stay connected

In our quest for new information the Scottish Borders Youth Commission on Bullying, decided to send a few representatives to relevant events in order to gather information on bullying and ways to prevent it.

Through a high-tech method involving pieces of paper and a hat(!), we (Shannon and Kay) were picked to travel to Glasgow and attend the ACAMH Cyberbullying Conference on September 16.

After staying overnight, we arrived at the conference, collected an information pack then set off in pursuit of knowledge.

And it came in the form of various presentations from some very knowledgeable sources.

The first speaker, Joel Adebayo from Beat Bullying, gave us a huge amount of information on cyber bullying – facts and figures which kept us note-taking at speed.

Another influential speaker was Brian Donnelly, director of Respectme – Scotland’s Anti-Bullying Service – who explained that the internet was not a thing, it was a place, which was a great way to describe the relationship between a young person and social networks such as Facebook. We were encouraged to “Connect. Don’t Disconnect”.

We went to lunch after yet more note taking and talked to as many people as possible about our Youth Commission and our big ideas.

After which we felt much more confident and refreshed.

Post-lunch was the presentation on worrying teachers … just joking but they were advised to Google themselves by DC Andy McWilliam.

The expressions following that comment were admirable.

The day finished with a Skype chat with a cyber mentor from the beat bullying campaign which was great as for five minutes we weren’t the only young people in the room.

Although it was bizarre to be talked about by so many adults who explained about cyber bullying in terms of how youththink of it; we both feel that it was very beneficial to us not to mention the Youth Commission as a whole.

Thank you to everyone involved, we had a great time and will use the information gained.

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Shannon & Kay