Cyber bullies should be outed

For the majority of users Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, chatting in real time, and sharing photographs and information about things that are important to them.

But there is a darker side, where bullies and trolls make many people’s lives a misery as they spread their hate and lies.

This week we highlight the emergence of ‘Spotted In’ pages that are springing up on the social media site, where nameless individuals have highjacked pages, that in all probability were set up to forge community spirit within towns and villages, and are instead being used to spread cowardly and vile comments about individuals.

The good news is that in the case of the Selkirk and St Boswells ‘Spotted In’ pages, the communities have hit back, rooting out and confronting individuals, and these pages now appear to have been taken down. But others remain.

The internet is like anything else, there are a lot of positives to its use, but in the wrong hands it can be lethal.

While many would carefully consider what they say to a person’s face or in a letter published in a newspaper, such as The Southern, few think twice about what they publish online, where it is all too easy to hide behind an avatar.

So well done to those people who made it clear that cyber bullying is not acceptable in their community. This is one bandwagon we should all be jumping on.