Cuts will be of no benefit to Scotland

There can be no greater example of the impact of remaining part of the United Kingdom than the benefit cuts proposed in Scotland by the Tories at Westminster.

Coming on the day that the Tories, in alliance with the Labour Party, launched the No to Independence campaign in Edinburgh, this was clearly a major PR disaster.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposals include introducing regional rates of benefits, scrapping housing benefit for the under-25s and removing or restricting some benefits to out-of-work families with large numbers of children.

His intervention comes as an IPSOS Mori poll shows 67 per cent of people want the Scottish Government to take control of welfare and benefits, and yet the Labour Party are happy to let the Tories run the welfare state into the ground.

At the anti-independence launch, Alistair Darling commented on the “deep uncertainty” caused by independence and that we get the “best of both worlds” as part of the Union. There are few certainties in life, but one of those is that we will see Scottish benefits cut by the Tories at Westminster – the price to be paid for the supposed Union dividend.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace