Vandals target Borders memorials

The 1514 Hornshole memorial.
The 1514 Hornshole memorial.

Memorials in both Hawick and Selkirk have been targetted by vandals.

Spray paint was discovered and removed from Selkirk’s war memorial in Ettrick Terrace just hours before the wreath-laying ceremony place at the town’s common riding last Friday.

Several other parts of the town were also targeted by vandals overnight on Thursday, June 14 but the war memorial was quickly cleaned up at 3am in time for the early-morning ceremony.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police in Selkirk are investigating after graffiti was discovered on the town’s war memorial and other locations in the town on Friday, June 15.

“Inquiries to identify those responsible are ongoing and anyone with information is requested to call the police on 101 quoting incident 387 on June 15.”

In Hawick, damage to the stonework of the 1514 memorial at Hornshole was discovered when the cornet’s lass Jennifer Nichol laid a wreath there during a ceremony as part of the common riding commemorations on Sunday, June 3.

It is believed the monument, erected and paid for the by Ex-Cornets’ and Ex-Acting Fathers’ Assocation in 2014 to mark the quincentenary of the battle there, has been shot at by a air or pellet gun.