Tesco’s nocturnal closure

TESCO in Galashiels is no longer a 24-hour store at weekends – after the supermarket giant was forced to close its doors at night due to unruly behaviour by club-goers.

The Paton Street shop will be shut between 2am and 4am on Saturday and Sunday mornings after advice from the police.

Hungry drinkers are leaving the town’s nightclubs at the 3am closing times and, with fast food shops shutting at the same time, heading to nearby Tesco for something to eat.

But this has led to problems, as police have been called to deal with anti-social behaviour around the store.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We have taken advice from the police and to protect our customers and staff we have decided to close the store for a short period on both nights. We will continue to work closely with the local police to review the situation.”

A police spokesman added: “We have tried to get to the root of this problem rather than letting it grow. If club-goers are wanting something to eat, they should come out of the nightclubs a bit earlier to visit the fast food takeaways.”