Sheriff’s warning after schoolgirl (14) found drunk in Selkirk town centre

A SCHOOLGIRL was found drunk on Selkirk High Street after sharing a 75cl bottle of vodka with a 15-year-old friend.

Police were alerted by an anonymous tip off call around 9.45 on a Saturday night.

Nineteen-year-old Connor Weatherly of Scott Crescent in Selkirk has admitted buying the alcohol for the schoolgirls on February 25.

The town’s sheriff court was told that the girls had pooled their money and given Weatherly £10 to buy the vodka.

Weatherly claimed he had been given permission by the mother of the older girl to buy the booze.

But he was told by Sheriff Kevin Drummond: “I have made it very clear about the consequences of this kind of behaviour.”

The sheriff was referring to his previous warnings that those who bought drink for underagers faced jail.

Sentence was delayed until August 6 while social workers prepare reports.