Selkirk rugby crowd praised by booze police – but underagers captured at Jed and Earlston

Police, who have mounted drink-sensibly campaign throughout the rugby sevens circuit in the Borders, have praised spectators who attended the Selkirk tournament on Saturday, writes Bob Burgess.

Officers were disappointed the previous weekend when 36 underage drinkers were spotted at the Jed Thistle and Earlston events.

And earlier at Hawick, youngsters were found drunk both outside and inside Mansfield Park.

Officers were more than happy with the situation at Philiphaugh. A spokesman commented: “Selkirk sevens is a great family occasion and I am pleased that nobody allowed the over consumption of alcohol to spoil the day for others.

“The event was well stewarded by the club and we had officers at the ground to ensure that the event passed safely.”

Police revealed that eight young females and seven young males were found with drink at the semi-junior Thistle tournament at Riverside Park on May 5 while 10 females and four males – all under age – were found with alcohol at Earlston the following day.

The police spokesman commented: “This seizure of alcohol is very disappointing. Purchasing alcohol when under 18 is an offence. It is also an offence to supply alcohol to persons under 18 and where we have evidence we will report offenders.”

He added: “It is disappointing that a few people could potentially spoil an event which is the highlight of a rugby club’s calendar.”

Police say their campaign against both underage drinking and over consumption by adults will continue throughout the summer season of common ridings and festivals.