Selkirk 33-year-old hit with £775 court bill for homophobic abuse and death threat

Selkirk Sheriff Court.
Selkirk Sheriff Court.

A labourer directed homophobic abuse at two men, then, a month later, told them he would kill them if they didn’t drop the charges against him over that previous incident.

Andrew Gillie, 33, of Buccleuch Road in Selkirk, pleaded guilty at the town’s sheriff court to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and making abusive and homophobic comments in Yarrow Terrace in Selkirk on August 11.

He also admitted a charge of threatening the two men in Bridge Street in Selkirk on September 2.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said the first incident occurred at 8.45pm when the two men, said to be in a relationship with each other, became aware of Gillie and a woman standing on a pavement after the former made a homophobic comment about one of them.

Mr Fraser said: “He is fed up being targeted about his sexuality and was alarmed at what had taken place.”

The fiscal said Gillie was cautioned and charged over that incident but subsequently approached the two men, at about 3.30pm on September 2, while they were out walking their dog.

Mr Fraser told the court: “He said ‘you better drop the charges or I will kill you’. Not surprisingly they were alarmed by this.”

Defence lawyer Robert More said his client had not realised the implication of interfering with justice and how serious a matter it could be.

He said: “It was an indication of his ignorance, which was evident in the first instance when he was trying to impress his friends.

“One of the gentlemen had lived in his block and that’s how he knew him.

“Having been charged, he was extremely foolish and approached them.”

Gillie was ordered to pay a total of £400 in compensation to the two men and fined £375.

Sheriff Peter Paterson also warned him of the consequences of any further intimidating behaviour towards people over their sexuality.