Rescue team hit by theft of climbing gear and radio

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Lifesaving equipment has been stolen from a volunteer member of the Border Search and Rescue Unit.

The £2,500 worth of stolen gear includes a two-way radio, various items of specialised equipment and a brand new team jacket.

In addition, James Burt also lost a large amount of his own mountaineering equipment which was all stored in his campervan when the vehicle was stolen from outside his home in Edinburgh. Rescuers often keep equipment in the vehicles because it leads to a more rapid emergency response.

Team spokesman Damon Rodwell said: “It’s mercifully rare for this sort of thing to happen. There have been a few recent instances of theft from team members down south, but this is the first time in memory that equipment has been stolen from a BSARU member.

“It’s particularly galling coming at a time when the team has had some very significant financial outgoings, including the replacement of a Landrover and a £5,500 bill for new team jackets.

“Fundraising is difficult for all charities in the current climate and this is going to make a dent in the money we’re putting aside for the essential upgrading of GPS equipment.”

The van is a white VW Transporter – R168 GAA. Information can be passed in confidence to