Problematic bikes seized

The two off-road bikes seized.The two off-road bikes seized.
The two off-road bikes seized.
Two reckless young motorcyclists have had their vehicles seized by the police following complaints from fed-up folk in Selkirk.

Scottish Borders Community Action Team took possession of a pair of off-road motorbikes after they were seen being ridden on roads and public footpaths across the town in a way which could endanger public safety.

As a result two males, aged 17 and 18, have been charged with various road traffic offences.

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A police spokesperson said: “People should remember that in order to ride these vehicles on the road or in a public place, the vehicles must be registered, insured and have a valid MOT certificate and the rider must have a licence. They can only be ridden off-road with the landowner’s permission, and may still require insurance if being ridden in an area accessible to the general public.”

The action has garnered support from the public on social media sites. Robyn Graham said: “I think the problem is that they are, or at least there were in the better weather, regularly ridden along the actual footpath, where there are a lot of blind corners, with some of them coming around so fast there have been near-collisions with pedestrians on footpaths.” M Barron Smith posted: “I think the gist of it is that people can’t afford the bikes that are allowed on certain official tracks so they just buy cheap bikes and ride them on roads and paths. They then complain there’s nowhere for them to ride and the big nasty policeman has taken their toys off them.”