Police warning

Police are reminding Borderers not to give any personal details or bank details to people they don’t know, or to send any money.

The warning follows an incident where a 59-year-old woman from Galashiels was contacted by a foreign speaking male who identified himself as working on behalf of Lloyds TSB and told her she was due compensation following bank charged she has incurred. The caller requested £200 to cover legal fee’s which the victim was to pay by UKASH at a local PayPoint after which an arrangement would be made to deliver the money she was supposedly owed. However, no arrangement is made.

The public are reminded that banks will not contact their customers directly and request any personal or account details, or transfer money by other means such as at local PayPoints.

Should any member of the public receive a similar call they should not offer any personal details over the telephone, or part with any money, and should contact their local police station immediately.