Pensioner issues dog mess challenge

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A GALASHIELS pensioner is taking on dog owners who let their pooches foul around the town.

Nick Harris is inviting members of the public to join his online pledge to “identify and report the names of dog owners in Galashiels who fail to pick up their dog’s excrement to the local police”.

Mr Harris says he and some neighbours are so sick of dog fouling around their Gala Park homes that they have considered leaving their flats.

And he claims the warnings of Scottish Borders Council’s dog wardens to those responsible have been ignored.

Mr Harris said: “Myself and my wife June have been in our flat for five years and it has got worse and worse.

“We have considered moving out of Gala Park because of the problem and I know of at least three other flat occupants who have said the same thing. It is that bad.

“It is beyond the pale. It is all around the flats, the Burgh Primary S chool and the local supermarket.

“Kids going to school are trampling through it and bringing it into their houses.

“The dog wardens have come up and spoken to those responsible but the owners just thumb their noses at them.”

Therefore, Mr Harris decided to set up his pledge to find more like-minded Galaleans distressed by dog dirt.

“It is Citizen Smith stuff,” said Mr Harris. “It would be a positive step for the community to try and stop dog fouling and that could hopefully also happen in other towns.”

However, Craig Blackie, SB local manager for Galashiels and Peebles said: “Wardens issue tickets where and when they see an example of dog fouling.

“If a member of the public has any concerns about a specific area, we can add them to a list of blackspots and our wardens can check out those areas.

“People can phone 0800 376 1030 to do just that.”

Mr Harris’ pledge can be found at