Pair fined a total of £450 over row in Galashiels street

Balnakiel Terrace in Galashiels.
Balnakiel Terrace in Galashiels.

A 40-year-old man painted the words ‘snake’ and ‘grass’ on a road along with a giant arrow pointing at a neighbour’s house, Selkirk Sheriff Court heard.

Steven Wright pleaded guilty to wilfully and recklessly painting those words in Balnakiel Terrace in Galashiels on July 18.

He also admitted behaving in a threatening manner, making abusive and offensive remarks and challenging another person to fight.

His partner, Louise Poulton, 45, pleaded guilty to shouting and swearing and making abusive and offensive remarks during the same incident.

Fiona Hamilton, prosecuting, said: “There is an issue with neighbours at the address. There is no love lost between any of the parties.”

Wright, giving an address in Glasgow, was fined £225 and ordered to pay £100 compensation for the paint damage caused to the road surface.

Poulton, of Balnakiel Terrace but staying in Glasgow of late, was fined £225.