Pair admit disturbance outside Gala nightclub

The incident happened outside the Indigo Rooms
The incident happened outside the Indigo Rooms

Two men involved in a disturbance with police outside a Galashiels nightclub have been fined a total of £650 at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Alan Cook, 27, of Kirkbrae, Galashiels, admitted struggling violently with two police officers in Overhaugh Street on June 25.

His co-accused, Stuart Gallagher, 25, of Newtown, pleaded guilty to attempting to rescue another man from the police and kicking out at a police officer.

Depute fiscal Tessa Bradley said: “Overindulgence in alcohol was at the root of this.

“The incident happened outside the Indigo Rooms, and the pair had been out drinking and socialising together.

“Door staff were in the process of putting Mr Cook out of the premises, and he was remonstrating with them.

“The situation escalated, and police officers nearby got involved, and Gallagher was told to desist but did not.”

Cook’s lawyer, Mat Patrick, said: “He is by no means proud of his involvement in this matter. Way too much drink had been taken, and decisions were made which would not have been if he had been sober.”

Cook was fined £300, and Gallagher was ordered to pay £350.