Motherwell robbers locked up for raid on Curry’s store in Galashiels

TWO men from Lanarkshire who raided an electrical shop in the Scottish Borders have each been jailed for nine months, writes Bob Burgess.

Police who stopped their van 17 miles from the robbery in Galashiels on Thursday night found washing machines and tumble drivers valued at £2,390.

Jason Robertson, 36, of Forgewood Road, and William Irwin, 54, of Jerviston Court, both Motherwell admitted stealing the appliances from a storage unit at Curry’s warehouse.

A witness alerted police and gave details of a white van. The store’s alarm had sounded and when officers arrived at the Comely Bank retail park, the two had fled.

But Sheriff Jamie Gilmour was told at Selkirk Sheriff today that their van was stopped at Fushiebridge on the A7 in Midlothian.

Sheriff Gilmour told the thieves: “This was an organised trip to the Borders to commit theft and to return to Lanarkshire with stolen goods.

“Had it not been for the diligence of a witness, you may not have been stopped. There is no alternative to custody.”

Robertson’s lawyer admitted his client had a number of previous convictions for dishonesty but said there had been a significant reduction in his offending recently.

Irwin’s solicitor said he wasn’t working and the crime was a result of low finances.

Both Robertson and Irwin had been held custody since their arrest on Thursday night.