Man jailed for attack on former partner

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A man has been jailed for 13 months at Jedburgh Sheriff Court after he admitted threatening to kill a former partner.

Shaun Grieve, 28, pleaded guilty to seizing the mother of his three children at a house in Galalaw Road, Hawick, on February 26 by the arm, pulling her to the floor and then repeatedly punching her head, leaving her with a broken nose and bleeding mouth.

The next day, he admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting and swearing, threatening violence to others and threatening to kill the woman.

Grieve pleaded guilty to a third charge of sending messages to a named man on various occasions and uttering threats of violence towards him between February 27 and March 1, as well as accusing him of sleeping with his former partner.

He also admitted breaching a court order by entering Scotland over the festive period after being bailed to an address in Blackburn, Lancashire, but later being spotted at his mother’s house in Hawick.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said Grieve had been in a relationship with the woman for nine years and they had three children together.

He explained she had got the children off to bed when Grieve arrived at the house at about 10pm intoxicated.

Grieve pulled her from the bed and onto the floor.

Mr Fraser said: “The children heard what was going on. They may not have seen the violence, but they were aware abusive behaviour was going on.

“Her nose was broken after he punched her in the face, but she does not appear to have attended hospital.

“The accused sent a Facebook message to a friend or relative accepting his guilt and pleaded guilty at the first diet.

“The second offence happened the following morning. He turned up at her front door and starting banging on doors threatening to kill her and cut off her breasts.

“He was told police would be contacted and he left.”

Mr Fraser explained that on various occasions Grieve sent messages to a man he thought was in a relationship with his former partner.

Among those messages were ‘I did not know you slept with her’, ‘if I see you, you will be going to hospital’, ‘if I go to jail, you will be going in a box’, ‘I have lost my family’ and ‘I will stab the life out of you’.

Grieve had pleaded guilty on December 21 and was released on bail on condition that he did not enter Scotland, but he was remanded in custody on December 28 for breaching the condition.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick admitted the assault was a “disgraceful incident” but added that the couple’s relationship, described as unhealthy, is now over.

Grieve came back to Scotland because he was concerned about the content of a text message he had received from his former partner, said Mr Patrick.

Sheriff Peter Paterson said there could be no alternative to a jail sentence in this case.

He jailed Grieve for a total of 274 days for the incidents involving his former partner and also the threatening messages to a man, adding another 120 days for the breach of bail.

That 394-day prison sentence was backdated to December 28’s remand in custody.

A two-year non-harassment order banning Grieve from all contact with his former partner was also granted.